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Cover for Chapter 6 of HPMOR: The Planning Fallacy.

"No, Mr. Potter. There is a Charm called Obliviation."

¿And what if that was used in Harry?
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Wow, i had to read your comment twice to answer properly.

I like to think in Eliezer as some kind of H. G. Wells. He is not only writing a rational plot, he is trying to teach us a few lessons, being the more important, for me, there is not worst monster than humanity, nor there is better good than humanity can do. Sadly, only a few individuals become so great to do the good, too many are evil, and the vast majority are just catch by The bystander effect.

As the plot is in this moment, i believe that Dumbledore is not so great force of the good, and that Voldemort and/or Quirrell can not be the only evil one...

I wonder, if Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres meet to regular Harry Potter, maybe he will suffer some kind of Heroic BSOD, because a Harry less rational at least manage to keep save his two best friends. Still, i like more Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres, but I am really hoping that he can save his world without losing so much.

To finish, thanks for your super comment :)