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speedpaint 58 s o m e t h i n g m a d n e s s

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Is there a way for me to buy just the art to print here in Brazil? I have a micro canvas shop
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Without a doupt this wil always be my most favorite painting in my life
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Great Artwork! Featured on my YouTube channel:…
this is amazing darling!
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im shookt omg whatchu mean this only a speed paint??? this some magical masterpiece ohmyyygood it's beautiful as hell
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Seguro no entendes una mierda de lo que digo pero da igual.
Tu hermoso arte me dio ganas de dibujar. T-T
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I love that xD Love the artwork too! :3
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Oooh. Great energy.
Happiness, hope and a painted effect that defies science fiction. Love how the light reflects through the hole.
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Good work bro!
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Smh, just amazing.... no words 
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Wow man! you´re in other level
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Coool painting :]
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wow...your art really stands out..I hope someday I will come close to that... :)
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Speedpaint????? NO WAY!
i wouldn't even be close to that even if i tried for 10 hours!
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check out 'Sea Wall' by Andrew Scott, reminds me of this painting
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Does this art represent a man that feels he lacks something in life, sees the worlds wonders and beauty and are thus in search for a meaning in life to fill his purpose?
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