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Za Drovami: Step by step

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Lada is love Lada forever
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Thanks for sharing. It's great to see another artist's thought process. I dug how you changed the whales position, which made for a stronger composition.
SLinnemannArt's avatar
flying whales... is amazing
Popotita's avatar
Thanks for sharing!
KazeSkyfox's avatar
that's about as clean as my process gets ;v
Imzel-Amalizh's avatar
thanks a lot for this!
Linwail's avatar
I still don't understand. This is amazing
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Сразу бросаются в глаза великие русские дороги)
А арт шикарный, нет слов *-*
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interesting how you tried out different things and erased them later on. But I must say I really liked the beginning with the trees :) maybe you'll do a similar painting once where the trees get their chance. ;)
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Great to see this, love it!
tfZanben's avatar
Awesome painting, and cool process. I'll have to try it out! :D
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What I love about this walkthrough is it's not just "step-by-step", a logical transition. You can see your decisions and the different directions you could have taken the painting and that's super interesting. Really cool, thankyou for sharing! 
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I like how you moved the trees from the scenery to the back of the car X)
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
I always find step-by-steps fascinating. My art is simply colored, but I should do one myself sometime.
Startedraining's avatar
Wow, this is wonderful. The trees were an interesting part of it, but I like how it came out without them. 
AshleyCope's avatar
I rather wish you'd kept the trees. The final painting is almost perfectly split across the middle into two panels, making for a much more static piece. The whale coming out from behind the trees would have added a lot of drama and more visual interest, and told more of a story. Still, interesting work.
Super interesting! Thanks so much for posting :)
Fredyochu's avatar
Haha that's great !
The trees you wanted to begin with ended cut in the car :D
Also interesting to see the difference of "how to paint" between the 2sides. (Directly with the car and landscape, and paying attention to volume with the sky fish :P)
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Зазик) здорово смотрится)
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When will you make your own artbook? I mean common already!! Start a kickstarter project i would buy right away!
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