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Recommended music: Queen - Made In Heaven
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Epic... RHADS one of my favorite DA big dogs:)
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Man, looking at this reminds me of one of my favorite games: What Remains of Edith Finch. There's a heartbreaking scene from almost this perspective, and like... basically the same feeling of wonder and worry. I am always so jealous of your work (In a good way!) but this really exemplifies the sort of things I would love to be able to create someday.
Sereida-Arts's avatar
Really gorgeous painting, also it's so cool that you include acompany music to your pieces :D
vanndra's avatar
Cool! Love it :)
Laikana's avatar
The perspective is absolutely breathtaking. I'm feeling like I'm swaying myself - Good job! And the lightning plays it's part to the dreamy mood.
El-Impoluto's avatar
This will be hanging on my wall when i get my own house
HaltabArt's avatar
Dreamlike! I love it!
tom-paul's avatar
So Unique mate,,, Love this!!!!!!!!!
Aenwynn's avatar
This is soooo cool O: Hte use of your colours, the composition; it feels like I am in it :3  
Sean-Devlin's avatar
:0 wow, nice one!
RobintheNerd's avatar
This is probably one of my most favorite things ever
Damn it. This is beautiful. 
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This picture is beautiful. It really brings me back to childhood. I loved to swing, I'd try to get as high as I could go, it was the closest thing to flying! :)
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I found this after checking "more like this" with some of my own work, and I must say that I'm so glad I did! The clouds and the perspective are so amazing. I feel like I'm on the swing myself.
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Hoooooly shit 😱
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This is gorgeous :) Makes me happy!
TFSakon's avatar
Superb point of view. I think this is always quite difficult to get with on a square canvas. Very impressive.
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О, картина со стрима!!! Волшебно и знойно!
GenniGenevieve's avatar
Such a genius perspective!
claudi502's avatar
amazing! I can feel myself swinging!
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