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Two Tickets To Faroe, Please

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Ha, a dreamscape it is... Portugal!

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The clouds are so fluffy!
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agreed, very very fluffy!!!
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I like that it has "texture", looks like painted with thick layer of dense paint, and also the dynamics of that picture, the clouds seem to flow :)
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Very pretty. A whimsical, vibrantly colored piece. And. . . Are those floating rocks up above? One particularly large rock hanging above the lighthouse?!! Haha, looks like they don't have just waves to look out for.

I love the clouds.
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ooooooooooooh, damn
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Interesting, a different technique brush stroke wise, but still instantly recognizable as your unique voice. Crazy
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Damn, looks like an oil painting, the strokes are amazing!
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I feel that it resembles impressionism. I love it! Love 
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Those clouds, maaan... I fell in love with painted clouds.
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Faroe islands are such a beautiful country! Great art work Rhads :)
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El manana, before the bombs fell, awesome work:)
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This is spectacular.
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omg your art is awesome, just breathtaken man continu the good work!!
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wow the brushwork is surreal !!!
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the clouds and grass give me a Van Gogh vibe, really nice!
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You make me proud of my country ❤️
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