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Time Machine

Recommended music: Unitopia - Give and Take

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Хороший настрой) Уютный)
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what is the original size of the image?

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fine color picking sir.
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my goodness your clouds...♡
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You are SOOO talented. I love your work,. Keep it up. :)
TheDeathofReality's avatar
clouds are so pretty :D
MoonshineTora's avatar
One has to look at it from afar to reveal their true beauty.
Kailte's avatar
Ох, прямо свежим ветром повеяло!
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Excelent painting!
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
Where's the big blue box ?
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i love you artwork :3 what is the brush that do you use?
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Oххх ну как же вкусно) я даже почуяла запах морозного утра в первые дни осени)
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time ain´t ends,
time starts.
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Really nice. I think I saw it in "daily spitpaint" group on FB. Great job if it really was 30 minutes.
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Ваши картины прекрасны.
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I like the lighting in the sky
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This is a really nice landscape. What brush did you use for the sky if you don't mind me asking?
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