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June 7, 2021
Third Paint Eruption by RHADS
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Third Paint Eruption


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I have a little tradition. After a long pause in creativity, when I haven't posted anything new for a long time, I paint something what I then call 'Paint Eruption'. First half of this year I've been doing music and drawing and posting covers, but I haven't posted any of my classic artworks since January. It's time for next Paint Eruption, the third in a row, It's time to explode like a volcano, with all the colours and ideas I've accumulated! (By the way, the previous ones, were in 2013 and 2015)

Paint Eruption by RHADS  Second Paint Eruption by RHADS
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LadyWithAnErmine's avatar

It's really interesting to see other artist's traditions of specific pieces they do when blocked. I have a particular fractal design that I always come back to when my creativity is totally drained. The explosiveness of this one feels a lot more joyful, haha.

TuesdayNightCompany's avatar

This is raw color and what I want to feel when I paint

Onlyfox's avatar

Zima Blue vibes

hirogashi's avatar
wow is amazing
KilluasBAKAA's avatar
I'm speechless.... that's how outstanding this picture is. It's ✨ P E R F E C T I O N ✨
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luomai's avatar

Love the idea of a Paint Eruption! That's super neat

agwesh's avatar
EugeneCladsy127's avatar
Kyouken0w0's avatar
Tinselfire's avatar

An ordinary day at work for the routined artist.

RoseWayArt's avatar
This is so cool, -My brain: but wouldn’t the paint be melting... -
Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on getting featured 😊

herdeviancy's avatar
beautiful, really 👌👌👌
ByrdH-28793's avatar

"It's over Anakin! I paint on the high ground!"

LindArtz's avatar

Beautiful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
SunnyFunnyJenny's avatar

Oh yeah! This is an artist!!!!!! truly!

Drasayer's avatar

SO PRETTY! :heart: I adore how all the colors travel across the canvas <333

JeanleFrancois's avatar

Magnifique et réchauffant :thumbsup:

Darnat-D's avatar

Вау. ВАУ! Нет слов...

P.S. И как сказал мой знакомый, при виде сей красоты: "Не знал, что Оби-Ван Кеноби ещё и художник")))

Zaleho's avatar

As an artist and volcanology major, I absolutely ADORE this :heart: If you ever sell this as a print I would be the first in line... This is one of my favorite paintings on this whole website now xD

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