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Hard soundtrack will be soon ^____^
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love this! looks ethereal 
PLEASE respond to my many notes about the Tenkhariis print I received. I love this so much but it arrived with a print defect and I need to get it replaced!
I looked at hundreds of "octopus art" for my themed bathroom, and love this so much, I'm designing the whole room around it! Thanks and beautifully done!
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I love your paintings with clouds and sea creatures, they're really interesting!
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What fun! I really like the warm/cool shift you put into this piece.
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a space octopus..
where's the whales? :C
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It's Cthulhu!! :O 
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That's exactly what crossed my mind! HPL has been in my thoughts so much lately. I'm overdue for rereading his works.
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This is so cool! :D
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Holy moly this is beautiful.
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This is an amazing concept and stunning execution.
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What an amazing idea.
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Brilliant and suggestive :)
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wtf ... Dean Approves ~ free to use! Rhett wtf icon Markiplier - Overgrowth Zoom Type 3: 50-px  STEVEN WHY #5 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars)Cat intensifies Nick Wilde chat icon Jensen/Dean Dance ~ Free to use!  ohmyfavotireplz  La historia de mi vida <3 es la cos amas hermosa que vi hasta ahora.
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I like the cloud octopus! :D :D
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literally the only thing in the picture 
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Really Strong Work.
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Is anyone else suddently craving calamari ? Jk this is great!
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Wonderful! I want cry after see this image...
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