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Fan-art for Andy Weir's book
Music: Bee Gees - Staying Alive

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For those of you wondering it is in fact possible to grow potatoes on Mars but it's very dangerous and hard to do
CindyAvelino's avatar
I thought it was Hibito. XD

Awesome work!
Lindariel-Erulasse's avatar
I love it! I've not seen the movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.
cullyferg2010's avatar
The movie only covers about a fourth to a third of the book.  It's okay, but you have to have read the book first (which you did) to understand some of the things that seem out of kilter with Weir's writing.
Apocalypticpup's avatar
But in the book he says, "Ayyyyyyy" !!
RealDiegoAmateur's avatar
What about the film?
r9specter528's avatar
"What is he doing? I asked for a photo, and what, he’s The Fonz?"
Apocalypticpup's avatar
r9specter528's avatar
Best movie of 2015 right there IMO.
single32's avatar
the book is better
Apocalypticpup's avatar
Meow :3  I prefer the book (by far) Meow :3 
KreepingSpawn's avatar
NICE!  I like that you took yours closer to the 'puffy' pressurized suit style [more scientifically appropriate I have learned than the slim-fit movie version.]
How did you enjoy the film?
UnluckyElite01's avatar
Also matches the original suit used on the book cover before they rereleased the movie version of the book.
KreepingSpawn's avatar
I see!  ;)
Now I just need to read it. ;p  Have you?
DrewTiptonArt's avatar
Love this movie! Great tribute it captures the feel of the movie very well!
Fody-Zessel's avatar
This is just amazing!
Pyre-Vulpimorph's avatar
Um, hi again. I happened to run across another site using your image without any credit, and presumably without permission. I don't know if you care or not, but as the artist I thought you should know. There is a "" still visible in one corner, but your signature and the rest of your dA address are cropped out.…
iBoopYourNose's avatar
omgomgomgomg I LOOOOOOVE IT SO MUCH!! you should really do something about the peeps using it without permission... :/
AlexanderLee1's avatar
looks a lot like how I imagined it!
TribalGraces's avatar
Beautiful work! I've read the book and this captures the spirit perfectly.
Beezqp2's avatar
It should say "Ayyyyy!" :P
rlkitterman's avatar
Cool!  I just read the book and saw the movie, and laughed my head off at Watney acting like the Fonz!
chriscoven's avatar
you don't mind me to use this pictures as my twitter cover ? If you not OK with that ,i would remove it instantly.
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