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I wish I could do that but it's pure talent , very artistic

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Beautiful! And it appears as if it is a heat map, so she is hotter in the bottom, hahahahaha. Seriously: very gooood job brother!

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Very impressive!
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its amazing , good job in this one ,like the overall style

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Absolutely gorgeous.

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What inspired this!? It is beautiful!
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Right this i just liked...

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Really nice, i love it!

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point of view and technique is very nice :)

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Amazing technique

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Beautiful 😍

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Captain Planet?

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Fly baby, fly :)

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I wonder how history will judge us today? As humanity has progressed, its morals have likewise progressed; to the point, where we look back and wonder how such violent minds purposing such violent solutions, could have ever lead to a better world at all?
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Absolutely stunning! As a synesthete, I find it particularly moving...I don’t see color the way most “neurotypicals” do. I love this!
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my new favorite thanks
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It's beautiful! :love:
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