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March 10, 2016
Regular Magic by RHADS sets a mood of joyous harmony and amazement through its spellbinding use of light and colour.
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Suggested by RAMWOC87
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Regular Magic

Recommended music - Steven Wilson - Perfect Life

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It is of one of the best landscapes that I have ever soothing...and relaxing.

dpcdpc11's avatar

So gorgeous! 😍😍😍 Good work!

DreamSound243's avatar
The scenery is beautiful and scary at the same time :heart: well done....
AliaAldarmaki's avatar
so lovely!! the combination of warm sunlight in a field of flowers and the background with a snowy mountain and clouds... masterpiece.
BeatryczeNowicka's avatar
The light on this picture is great :) And the atmosphere. 
nc2311's avatar
this reminds me of reverie by debussy yo
Panapoints's avatar
I like the contrast between the blue landscape, the purple flowers and the sunlighting. It give a nostalgic feeling, like when the sky is covered by grey and blue big clouds during a thunderstorm. The girl seems to like the freedom that the natures gives. The sunlights far away and the mountains are really detailed and realistic/ Keep up the good work!
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How did you do the lighting in this piece? It looks absolutely amazing!  
MailyGreen's avatar
Perfect as alwaysClap 
Polly-fox's avatar
It is awesome! Heart 
RageOla's avatar
i think i just  had my first magical moment  
SzkArt's avatar
Just bought a print of this amazing piece. I am certain my sister will love it!! The colors are amazing. 
TRZaraki's avatar
Хорошая работа. Классный пейзаж.
FrauNachbarin's avatar
stupendous view!
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Very cool use of lighting to highlight the character and the foreground, while contrasting the character's warmth with the austerity of the mountains in the distance.

It's subtle but fantastic drawing of the sheets of rain coming down in the background, and close to the mountain. Superbly done, I'd imagine that's hard to pull off.
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PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This is just stunning and the lighting is simply amazing!!!! :heart:
Dhinevet's avatar
This artwork is absolutely amazing. Like I'm not sure if I can even describe the feeling I get when I look at it- with words. I mean, It's a feeling you can only understand if you truly have felt it yourself. I guess it kind of is a nostalgic memory. Because since I was little I've always enjoyed what nature has to offer. I liked to take a little walk in the forest behind our house, or swim in the lake. If I was alone I would feel closer to the nature than if I was with someone else. I would stop and listen, living there, in that very moment and this strange peaceful feeling always settled in my whole body. I felt complete. And I wanted to stay like that. But during a period of my life, when I was very busy I forgot this feeling. Only a year or so back I rediscovered it. So when I look at this wonderful drawing, I feel that feeling. It's like I'm drawn into the land,  and feeling the wind in my hair, the sunrays on my face and the grass in my palms. It is my favourite feeling in the whole world.
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece of art! 
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:iconcongratsddplz: Many congratulations once again! Clap  I love the feeling of freedom and mystery of this scenery. Heart

Keep up your talented job! Hug
sketchwithtiff's avatar
Wow very magical indeed.
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