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I have a lot of surfing-themed works, but I've never surfed. Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the activity. The beauty of the sea, the sky and the movements.
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Luminescent in the art is so lush. i love surfing with my BF.

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Stunning work Rhads, you've mastered digital oils in an amazing way. I absolutely love the richness of those brush strokes and vivid colors. Do you live near the beach?

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This is so good!

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Awesome work with the lighting! :clap:

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oh wow!!! outstanding!!!

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Love the lighting, those colours, textures, everything is just fantastic!

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Beautiful and fascinating to look at.

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what digital drawing software do you use?

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This is some really awesome experimentation, i love the textures and bright colored reflections on the bottom. Wonderful work

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Gorgeous! I'm also a big fan despite never having tried it; but I may be trying it soon!

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I do surf... and I don't think I've clicked the favorite button so surely in my life.

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Your mastering of lights is absolutely amazing!

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