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Endless Journey

The second work in the series "Infinite Dreams"

Music at the moment: Threshold - Critical Mass

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That's the caramel man, hats down for you:)
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RHADS i love your art <3 :>
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What ever you are doing to paint those clouds keep doing it :O 
Your paintings are so good!
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Love the lighting and colors~!
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I really like those shells of light clouds sometimes make
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There is something about underwater craters flying in the sky that is intriguing. Love the series you did.
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Your ability to render scale, is.. expertly handled.. Beyond.
Its not just the sense of proportion of the objects, figures and their surroundings, its the lighting and mood that completes and unifies these experiences youve shared. I find myself relating to moments in time, personal moments, when consuming your work. And personal moments completely separate from the topics or imagery youve decided to include. Its amazing. Thank you.

Your brush technique adds texture and movement, giving each small section of the canvas personality and uniqueness. This is just the beginning of my journey through the rest of your omnibus. I look forward to more!
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Oh my heart. This is just beautiful! 
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Amazing work! I love your whole Gallery :3
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I love that art 
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Stunning work, I love the soft, warm light, it makes it look so peaceful. I just want to wrap myself up and snuggle in those clouds :3
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beautiful and peaceful 
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So pretty! Wonderful art piece!
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