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October 29, 2020
Continuation Of The Dream by RHADS
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Continuation Of The Dream


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Someone has unfortunately reposted the artwork here:

Tea time

Edit: It's been removed.

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My print of this came and I'm so happy, it's beautiful 🤍👌

vanderbolt2945's avatar

"I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee"

-Carly Simon 1972

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

Great artwork! I love your imagination :)

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Was this inspired by Coldplay's Up&Up music video, because theres a part in the video with literally a spoon next to a tea cup.

RHADS's avatar

No, ive never seen that video, before i've published my artwork and people remind it in comments

ToasterChan76's avatar

ah oki was just curious, it looks great though <3

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interesting dream

wanderersparadise's avatar

WOW, so divine. Reminds me of tea readings, and then some. Amazing!

FlexiGymnast17's avatar
Do you have prints for sale?

Outstanding idea, outstanding processing and capture. Thanks for the dream...

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the cup was in a cup then the cup was in a cup then the cup was in the oh you get the idea!
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Imagination Level Infinity

Loen-Tenor's avatar

I realy love how you play with the scales of things!

Is this traditional painting or digital Art?


Cosmic-Artt's avatar

Big cup or little plane? hmmm

taimdala's avatar

Beautiful! ♥

debaditya's avatar
Wow!! 😯😯😯
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Wonderful work!

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