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Cat's Soul

Recommended music: Sleeping at last - Turning the Page
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Love the perspective and colours!

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I Love Your Painting Very Much So I Use Your Painting For My Music Lyrics Video Background.
Link To Your Painting Has Written By Me In My Video Description.
My Channel Link Is….
Thank You Very Much.
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how do you create a watermark??
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I can just feel the warmth from that glorious sunlight. 
Bonjour, je m'appelle eddy je suis parisien et réalisateur, est ce que ça vous intéresserai de travailler sur un court métrage de 30 minutes qui mélange animation et live action?
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So peaceful!...Love 
Non mais c'est extraordinaire ! j’hallucine là ! tes œuvres sont fantastiques, l'image du crépuscule me rend fou, et toi tu le représente avéc un style super ! Merci pour cela !
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Wonderfully warm peaceful moment, it's good to be a cat :meditation: revamped   Now i have ideas for a story.  The painting strokes reminds me of 80's sci/fi art.  Faved Nod 
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this. is. so. beautiful.
This is just beautiful, the clouds are my favorite part, and the lighting is just fantastic on everything else as well. :D
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When I was a child , my mom told me our cats couldn't see the world as us . I didn't understand before, now I do.
thx for this beautiful piece of art.
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Oh my gosh, I just noticed your recommended song. I love Sleeping at Last- barely anyone knows about them. 
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What program does he use to draw?
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kiki's delivery service.
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That  is  an  awesome  cat;  hands  down.  I'd  love  to  have  him  as  my  cat.
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Hey they used your picture for a song! :D…
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AMAZING!! Can't stop looking at this picture :+)
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I simply love that picture! It's making me calm down and smile....Headphones Emote 
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