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Crested Rat

The East African Crested Rat (aka Maned Rat, Lophiomys imhausi). A taxidermy mount photographed at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. The background has been lightly 'shopped to remove distractions and make it easier for you.

1. These photos may be used on and off DeviantArt, for personal or commercial projects. Please credit me here, or note me for offsite use - I like to see what's been done with them!

2. Do not upload these stock as your own unaltered, with minor alterations (recolors, filtered, flipped, etc) to DeviantArt or other sites, especially pay sites. I intend these to be free for EVERYONE to use.

3. Do not use for hate speech, bigotry, pornographic or religious work. 
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-=^_^=- Fabulous critter, i do believe this is the one that  eats  a certain bark that  makes it's  crests poisonous.
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but seriousley the is one flufffeh rat
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what in the world ive never seen a rat so fluffeh
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If you've ever played Pokemon, it looks almost like a Skuntank.
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haha now theres somthin you don't see every day lol
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