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Doctor Who Dodecahedron 3D Cross Stitch

By rhaben
They are all there and opposite sides add up to 13.  Finished D12 is 5" tall.

Pattern is available in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.…
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The real beauty of this piece is in the detail and the expression that is captured of each doctor.  The fact that it is in the shape of a D12 is just icing on the crafty masterpiece that is this doctor dodecahedron!
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I NEED THIS!!!! :D :squee:
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What an awesome idea, and great work as well!
NevaSirenda's avatar
Wow! Impressive work, my friend! :clap:
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Very innovative. Well done!
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that is great!! love it Awesome Face, Doctor Style 
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I like this so much better than mine!
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Great minds think alike!  Yours is pretty cool too.
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Yeah but now I need a different shape since they reconned a 13th Doctor in the mix lol
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I don't think they are counting him as the 9th Doctor, he is just an anomaly.  The thought went through my head as well :)
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yeah I figured they'd be calling Capaldi 13 but they aren't. I know Hurt's Doctor didn't call himself Doctor, but Capaldi's Doctor and Smith's Doctor remember how history changed.
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