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Gathering Darkness - Part 2

By Rh1n0x
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The Tripredacus Council have been an enigma since their introduction in Season 2 of Beast Wars. What their role within the Predacon faction is remains a mystery, but the greatest cause for debate has been in regards to their origins. To that end, in a series of 4 one-shot pages that finally shed some light on this shadowy triumvirate, I have the pleasure to present:


Line Art: :iconmisterjazzz:

Colours: :icongwydion1982:

Story and Lettering: :iconrh1n0x:

Transformers © Hasbro/Takara
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Another excellent page.  Great job all round.
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Rh1n0xHobbyist Writer
Cheers Nav.
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LemniskateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Part 2wo!
Yes, well, aligning text boxes with the borders of a borderless panel is... difficult.
Any reason why the design of the figures behind Jhiaxus in panel 4 evokes Death's Head and Scourge?
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Rh1n0xHobbyist Writer
When there's no border to align with, fall back on rule #1: Don't cover up the art ;p

That's a good question for :iconmisterjazzz:. He's a good one for sneaky little references.
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References? Gosh, here goes, the Empire Shop in panel 1 is a mixture of the Ark and Twighlight, panel 2 is based on the Shadowplay reveal page by Alex Milne, The generics in that pane were, in part, based on the Micromaster Battle Patrol, always loved Big Shot. One of them is reading MTMTE 1. Panel 3 features some Cybertronian, the initials CV and SC are included. The bot on the left in panel 4 are actually based on a member of the Ethos Raiding Party, a lot of the crowd in page 1 were updates from this group, on the right is Rook, again in an updated, more Cybertronian look. The LM is again much more robotic than his appearance in G2, I designed the full body over Christmas. Panel 5 is based on a G2 full page spread, Total War I think. Panel 6 includes a tiny self portrait, good luck finding that! Think that's it!
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Rh1n0xHobbyist Writer
Like I said, he's a good one for sneaky little references ;p
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