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Step-by-step fur texture

Just a few quick step-by-step photos of how I do fur with the fur tool I made. Hope someone finds it useful.

Keeping this comment short because the photos are fairly self-explanatory, I think. If anyone has questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

Better photo of the tool is here: [link]
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I made this tool a few days ago and it's really awesome! Thanks so much for posting about it! It's just what I needed for the tiger im sculpting as a present. =)
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So glad you found it to be helpful! You might also like my step-by step fur process (for future sculptures). It can be found in the "Sculpting Tools, WIPs and Techniques" folder in my gallery. You can also detail your fur further by just using a single straight pin or needle after using this tool. Anyway, happy sculpting, and kudos to you for being adventurous and making your own tool! :)
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Awesome! Well thanks for the information I will certainly look for that to add to my references! =)
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Thank you! This is really helpful for my urn-project!!
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This is amazing! Great job,
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Great fur tutorial!
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That's great! I never knew how you can make it all poof out like that. I would imagine it's very time consuming..
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thank you for the help i have been trying to figure out how to do fur for a while now :D
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Well, I'm glad you find it helpful. Good luck and have fun. :) Thanks for the comment!
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Thanks for posting this tutorial! I'll definitely have to make a detailer like that, my home-made tools just don't cut it. ;)
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Glad you found it helpful. :)
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Absolutely! I wish more people would post sculpting tutorials. Thanks for posting this. :)
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I dub your tool the "fugly detailer"! XD its really neat in its own way. kinda makes me think if you want to put a style on the tool kinda voodo looking. idk. xD
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:rofl: "Fugly Detailer" it is!
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YA! I will make my own "fugly Detailer" too some time soon XD
I had to try to so void LOLCat speak there >M< :3
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Sweet! This will come in handy. Thanks!
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Good to hear that it'll be helpful to you! Thanks for the kind words! :)
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That's really neat! I like how you can make different sized strands!
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Thanks! It's a fun little tool, and it has been extremely useful for adding texture to my sculptures.
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ummm wow plz X3 that last photo looks like the clay grew fur, that's how real it looks....I think I'll have to remember this *saves for future reference*
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Glad you found it useful! :)
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hey that's actually a great effect....
I don't sculpt fur too often, but I might have to give
this a try and make my own tool. The effect is very
clean and precise.
.....and I like how you can still see the three white
Pinheads popping out from behind the tool.
take safely
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