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The Sweet Taste of Revenge

We all love it!
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I had this image in my favorites for a long time, before I was on deviant art, in fact, since I found it back then on Tumblr (no clue if you had an account there or if someone else posted it). Used it once there to illustrate a text about a relationship. I really like it. 
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I've been looking for Gladiator artists and then suddenly saw this - Bamm! Nearly died. This is perfect. :-) Please pls say you do commissions?
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Yes I do commissions
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Impressive render
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...and the horror of cleaning up afterwards!
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You should  get the woman from Shogun and make a battle scene.
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A strong image to a great tale of battle and skilled warrior woman. Love the detail and lighting.
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..... woooooowww
your work is awesome
SERIOUSLY COOL!!! Its begging for a background story.
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good content man :)
This is absolutely stunning!
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I bet the taste of victory was just as sweet.
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Great Artwork :squee:
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Very good realist scene with the blood and wounds ! The pose is fine as if she felt the fatigue after the hard battle.
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how u make that bro?
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Impressive work! Wow! 
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Everything about this is amazing, from her costume, her battle wounds right down to her beautifully detailed navel. A masterpiece!!

Nice picture.  But she's using swords.


Where I come from, we Borgias have a saying:


"Revenge is a dish that is best served....




(Bet you thought the proverb would be something you've heard before.)

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i have that body type 
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I dream of this.
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