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Free Falling Dream

The dream of falling many of us have just before we wake.

Stock used:
- Idea and concept from ~freaky208 - Used with permission
- Model from ~dazzle-stock [link]
- Sky and cloud backgrounds from `briteddy [link] and =Skybase [link]
- Cloud wisps from =arrsistable [link]
- All other stock is from my own personal resources or otherwise created by myself.

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I love it. I feel like she is rising though.Meow :3 
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Thanks. Depends on the viewer I guess :)
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It looks so peaceful... incredible.
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Beautiful soft colors, love itHeart 
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This is amazing!! Do you mind if I use it as a cover to a book I'm writing?
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Thank you. For commercial use please see my website or send me an email.
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nice job. did you photograph the model yourself or did you use a stock?
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Thank you. The stock credits are in the comment section.
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My salutations,

I have discovered your profile from one of your Watchers'

This is a bomb. Whenever I'll be able to conceptualize, I'll critique because you deserve it, man.

The position of the body, especially, I find fantastic. Personally I've always experienced the "falling" dream face down,
and from my experience talking about it, most the people I know experienced it like me.

Here well, it's like the flight of a diver (!!!) bending it's back down, towards the *unknown* and opening the arms to embrace the light above at the same time and I mean W O W ! :O O_O
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Agreed most people dream falling face down but that doesn't lend itself to a positive emotive work, hence the choice made for this work.

Thanks for the comments.
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That's exactly what I liked, man!
That the arms are open towards the sun, above!

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This is so beautiful and surreal :) yes I suppose we all have experienced this at some point of our lives 
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Amazing ! Like heaven :D
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