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Clockwork Orange

By RGDart
The violent nature of humans always going to war and letting our inner demons of greed and lust drive us to the desolation of free will as a solution and justification for further evil and violence.

Below is the animated process that this work went through:

Clockwork-Orange-process by RGDart

Thanks to JanMurphyPhoto, redmoon-mistress, AbbeyMarie and gigi50 for their feedback and help with the creation of this work.

Stock used:
- Clouds from Kikii-stock [no longer available]
- Main model from CathleenTarawhiti
- Second model is my own photographs and images recreating the model from FantomeAngel as a reference due to a permission issue.
- Building from Elandria
- goggles from insomnia-stock
- Watch mechanism from CAStock
- watch from HelenaRothStock
- Snow from wchild
- All other stock is from my own personal resources or otherwise created by myself.

I'd like to thank FurorArt for suggesting my artwork for a DD. Also, thank you, Aeirmid for choosing and featuring it and to everyone else who has fav'd and commented on my work, thank you so much for your support.

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First off, I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done. It seems as though you've spent a lot of time on this piece.
I love the steampunk attribute combined with the rain-- it adds a wonderful feel to the piece, something that can't be replicated.
The story behind this piece is incredible. Entire fanfictions could be written and none of them would do it any justice.
Now to the points of improvement, why I really wanted to write this critique.
For my easily-satisfied taste, the piece is perfect, but from a critical point of view, there is too much going on in it. Perhaps it is the neck that sets it off, or else the zeppelins in the background. Any way it is, the work should, perhaps, have been constructed with a more discerning hand.
Other than that, it is an excellent work.
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Thank you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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Great book and movie!
Definitely one of my favorite pieces :)
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Is there any way I could use this for a graduate project I'm doing? It's an online web text and I'm looking for some images. I don't think my project will ever be "live", just for the university. I have a credits page with links of course, so my classmates can visit artists sites if they want.
Is this something I can do with this image?
Thanks and I love it, by the way!
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Hi, I have sent you a note concerning your request.
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Wonderful work! :)
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It is truly my pleasure! :)
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A fascinating piece of work! Intriguing stuff.
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your beautiful art has been featured here , I hope thats alright. :hug:…

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This is so amazing! Very interesting style! Great composition! Congratulations! You are very talented artist! :-)
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what a really interesting deviation!
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Excellent work and idea.
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