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Transformation, Pokemon, Max steel, Specter Watch and stories invented by you!
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Narrator: The earth full of life and live in peace of mind but... Something is going to happen to a deadly danger and in fact an alien who has just arrived on earth and is heading to earth in Japan.
                                                                                                    Robebe arrives

Narrator: At the same time...
A girl is fixing the floor on the new home and looking at the sky
Girl: Still normal...
Narrator: This girl named Sakura Fujio is 12 years old. She and her family have changed home since yesterday they found a low cost. She is passionate about mysteries and extraterrestrial sightings.
Boy: Sakura stop taking time and help repair our new home!
Narrator: This guy is Aki Fujio, Sakura's older brother. He is a brave guy and practicing Karate but has some kind of impatient flaws, he gets angry easily and...
Who Is Aki: Hey Narrator! You got a problem?!?
Narrator: Calm down... I'm doing my job... Why do not you talk to your sister again...
Sakura: I'm not losing time. I feel that today is the time to come!
Aki: Come? Still this absurd dream story from yesterday! You have to lose these nonsense, there are no such things!
Sakura: You do not understand is a dream projector and is trying to say that today will come an alien who came to conquer our planet earth!
Aki: Now just get off your head and help me fix it! Is not that suddenly a small alien ship crashes on the roof over this room?!?
Suddenly one thing crashed to the ground, coming from above.
Sakura and Aki slowly turned and saw a small alien spaceship.
Anyone who did not believe what was happening would open the aircraft slowly and... They would see an alien similar to a frog is a female of blue color and a heartbeat is in the stomach.
Alien: ...Oh cabbage I'm in trouble...
Sakura of Joy and Aki Shocked: Oh my god that alien has spoken!
Alien: ...Not so much choice I have to act! Attack!
The alien sticks to Sakura but is defeated by Aki with only one shot.
Narrator: The aliens have been cataracts!
Aki: Who are you?! Are you coming to conquer our planet?! Did you want to use us as a cavie?!
Sakura: Calmati Aki. And why not talk calmly?
Alien: I agree with her to talk...
Aki: Be silent what!
Alien: I do not call what! I have a name!
Aki: Do you have a name?
Alien: Sure or the name! I am... Robebe is a Keronian I come from the planet Keron!
Aki: Ro... What?
Robebe: Robebe! R-o-b-e-b-e. Robebe! That's my name!
Sakura: Robebe? Charge your name!
Robebe: You graceful, but we come back to your questions... You two have tasted and a little misunderstanding...
Sakura e Aki: Zeccato e malinteso?..
Robebe: Yes... The first I was about to conquer your planet...
Aki: I knew it!
Sakura: Let's end his explanation.
Aki: Ok...
Sakura: Continue.
Robebe: The second instead of the misunderstanding happened during my travels in search of a base to conquer the next planet. But I was not alone with my platoon.
Sakura: Pluto? But then if you say so then you are...
Robebe: Exactly I am the sergeant of my platoon ie the boss!
Sakura: What a force!
Robebe: But I continue my explanation. My proton we have decided to build the bases to conquer the planets that have not been conquered by other Keronian, we have divided different directions... I had stopped to buy food supplies but I had a doubt that I had forgotten something important but if I was forgotten then it was not so important so continue the trip. When I saw your planet I was taking the book what kind of planet is when I suddenly trigger a particular alarm when I check it I realized that my crawfish...
Sakura and Aki: Is your tank it?
Robebe: Gas is over and I rushed here
Narrator: I can not believe it's not a total chaos!
Aki: .......You are an idiot!
Who beat the poor Robebe
Robebe: Hai, hai, hai! But do you know she was crazy?! Why did you beat me?!
Robebe: I should be angry with you two! What can not you do to me like this? Where is your home?
Sakura: To tell the truth is our new home.
Robebe: How? But are you joking?
Sakura: I'm telling the truth
Robebe: ....Get me free
Aki: And why should we!
Robebe: Get me free so I can activate my invisible barrier to see from outside this house.
Sakura: Can you become invisible?
Robebe: Yes, thanks to this device to become invisible so people are not scared of alien like me. So please free me? I promise I will not attack you.
Aki: Is it why we should do it? Needless to say my answer is...
Sakura free Robebe: That's it.
Robebe: Thank you!
Who: Sakura are you crazy?!
Sakura: Quiet she is telling the truth.
Robebe: Well, now it's invisible.
Narrator: Robebe's invisible barrier is activated!
Robebe: That's right!
Aki: You did not activate me for anything
Robebe: Because I just set up to know about our Keronian existence, so you do not step on me without you realizing it.
Aki: In fact... you have not all been wrong.
Narrator: It's so...
Robebe: ...But is this really your new home?
The house is thrown, bad materials etc.
Narrator: But this house goes to pieces!
Robebe: You've chosen the bad one from all the houses.
Aki: We chose it because this home was free was a rare, unusual opportunity.
Robebe: You meant a bad occasion.
Aki: Grrr!
Robebe: Ha..h ..
Sakura: Unfortunately we do not have the money for workers to house the house.
Robebe: Okay, I'll think about it at home.
Sakura: What? Really?
Who: You? No need for an alien help, I was getting well up to your arrival!
Robebe: To get even worse?
Aki: ....
Robebe: Well, I'm ready for my equipment!
Robebe pick up the home tool case and put a band around the front
Robebe: You two look and watch and I start my hard work!
Narrator: Robebe begins repairing and modifying the house at incredible speed!
Aki: Wow did not think it was so fast!
Sakura: Awesome!
Narrator: 2 hours later...
Aki: ....I do not believe it...
The house is sheltered, bright colors and a beautiful green lawn
Narrator: What a beautiful home!
Robebe: That's what I'm doing! Follow me and I want you to see it from the inside too.
Sakura and Aki inside the house and remain speechless
Sakura: Incredible! You did the kitchen, stay it all!
Robebe: And that's not all. On the ceiling there is the closet but I put a trap I bring the second closet down the stairs but in fact it is my room.
Sakura: You made a secret room all for you!
Robebe: Yes, but it's still incomplete, tomorrow I have to continue my work
Aki: But are you sure you are a source?
Robebe: I am! I have learned thanks to my mother's teachings who are skilled in transforming ugly homes into beautiful homes and even the most famous on Keron's planet! What Happens to Aki? Are you envious of why I did better than you?
Aki: No... I'm not envious at all...
Narrator: Actually Aki is very jealous.
Aki: Do not peep my thoughts!
Sakura knows one thing and asks Robebe: Robebe I noticed that you did a third room, how do you know that we are in three?
Robebe: I noticed from the renovation project from inside the house... Wait a second... It means there's a person who does not know I'm here..
Sakura: It's a good thing if he sees you...
Robebe and Sakura see Aki spotted something
Aki: I'm not here.
Robebe and Sakura turned and saw the father of two boys
Sakura: Daddy! I can explain! It's not what you think.
Robebe: It's really my end...
Dad took Robebe gently and said: You're... Adorable!
Robebe, Sakura and Aki: What?
My dad hugs softly: You're so sweet!
Narrator: As you have known already he is the father of Sakura and Aki and his name is Fumaki Fujio. He is an animal lover who works to help the animals in trouble.
Fumaki: So where did you find this to be cute?
Sakura and Aki tell about the incident and so on dinner.
Fumaki: I have to compliment you the way you've changed this at home!
Robebe: Stop it, make me blush!
Fumaki: But now you are our welcome home and you are the bearer of our family you are happy!
Aki: I can not believe you really said...
Sakura: But this wonderful news is wonderful! You're so lucky!
Robebe: So I was going to ask for permission to live with you and then I'm very tired for the long journey and work in your home.
Fumaki: You can rest as much as you want!
Robebe: Thank you!
Narrator: And so the Fujio family to a new member is propitious Robebe an alien. But it's just the beginning of this adventure.
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