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Isometric pixel art treehouse by the water

So here's another of my minimalistc pixel art houses. Again going for the old-school low res style so it's scaled 3x. Too keep very similar sprite size to the previous ones this needed to be super tiny, so it has some details that are too small to be fully readable when zoomed out to 1x pixel size - but as previously that wasn't my aim. This time I wanted to limit the palette to only 20 colours - I used 19, so that worked out :)
Painted in Krita with Wacom tablet and a mouse.
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Can I please use this for my discord server's icon picture? It's called "The Tree House" and we like to group up and play games in it.

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I love this its got a sort of simplicity to it but still has a ton of detail nice job

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Really neat. Love it.

I love how easy you made the water.

that's awesome.

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Woah this is dope

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Super cool like the colors and the shading
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Thanks again! :)
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can i use in a game?
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I adore all of your pixel work!
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This is Fabulous. I strive to be this old in time. What do you use?
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Thanks! I use a lot of coffee :) And my pc uses open source painting software called Krita :)
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Awesome, thank you so much! I enjoy creating pixel art so this will help me out. :)
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You can also try aseprite - it's a painting software dedicated to pixel art and it also has a free version.
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OM freaking G!!! i love this i love how you made the house blind in so well with that house to the point it looks so naturalPanda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] 
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So cool héhé
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