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Isometric pixel art overgrown house

Here is my second minimalistic isometric pixel art house. I decided to use even smaller palette - only  20 colours this time.
I really like painting those so probably will do some more soon!

Painted in Krita with mouse/Wacom tablet, scaled 3x to give it this old-school low-res look from retro games.
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Love how this has a tree-house feel to it!

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I love your colours and concept. My only critique would be that your piece looks really noisy because you have a lot of orphan pixels. Pixels look better when they are clustered together and not left alone.

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I fully agree with your observations :)
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this is totally lovely
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can i use in a game?
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I'm doing more cartoon pixel art but seeing this make me want to train to get there, really poetic !
Just a curious question, how long does it takes you to do one like this ?
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ello friend, have you thought about using your skills for a video game, if you are interested, send me an email to " " in the subject put "TWRL ". I'll give you more information. I'm interested in your Pixelart
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This is so ethereal, I've never seen pixel art quite like this before. When you say 'scaled' do you mean you started with a smaller image and scaled it up or that you started with a larger image and scaled it down?
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Thanks. I draw it smaller and later scale it up, so that every single pixel becomes a square of 3x3 pixles (at least in this case).
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I Wonder who lives there?
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Probably some pixels :)
can I have it as a wall paper on my website?
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I'm really happy I found your page- your art is amazing!
I want to make some pixel people for your superb pixel houses.
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Go for it! All houses need residents :)
Thank you very much :)
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Wow nice pixelart, i love this technique, without the black lines
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Thanks. On such small scale lines would take too much space :)
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