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Isometric pixel art medieval / fantasy building

Oh, what a suprise, it's another isometric low-res pixel architecture submission! :) A bit bigger building then previous ones, so to maintain my minimalistic rules set when I started doing these (less than 100x100 pixels and less than 30 colours) it needed to be at a very low scale, compared to those first ones.

Painted in Krita with Wacom tablet and mouse.
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So awesome. i wish i can do half of this, but isometric is so hard and theres things i dont understand

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can i have it as a wallpaper on my website?
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Hi! Could I please use this as a YouTube avatar?
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Hi! Yes, just please don't claim it as you own work and add a link to my DA somewhere in your channels description (for example in the about section). I published it under CC license:…
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I love this building! You really want me to draw medieval buildings (usually I am totally not into that stuff) but you make it so beautiful!
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Have fuin with it! If you won't, ditch it and just paint whatever makes you happy :D
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When I am done with my current projects I would love to move into the medieval part of the city and redo your houses with more pixels. Only when you allow it of cause!
I am quite busy at the moment though,  I am filling up one part of Pixeldams city and I have planned to fill 70 spaces in total. I just finished a building filling 7 spaces.  =D
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Sure, just post them with a link to my original and let me know so I can look at your work. Have fun with your pixels!
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Thank you very much! I will keep you posted =)
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I love the lighting! And you've got so many details in there considering it's so small. Nice work :)
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I really love your pixeling style on these little buildings, it's so great.
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Thank you very much!
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So great. it looks like a large Bar, INN
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