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Isometric medieval / fantasy pixel house

I love minimalistic pixel art, so I decided to do some myself :)
I wanted to maintain my "minimalistic" goal so before I started I set a rule for myself that I will keep the palette below 30 colours and size below 100x100 pixels (scaled up 3x to give it this old-school low-res look from retro games.).
This was a lot of fun so I will definitely do some more soon.
Painted in Krita with mouse/Wacom tablet.
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I really like ur house design and if its okay i build a house inside of minecraft that kinda looks like yours and i really wanna send it to you because its very nice :)

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I am amazed, with that few pixels you've managed to create something as beautiful as that, I'd guess is 32 x 32 pixels, but the level of detail is inspiring, great job

Really nice drawing, brother. I may use it in a video game I'm making. I think RGBfumes may be the only name in the credits section lol

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That is super neat!!
can I have it as a wallpaper on my website?
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You make awesome art! Nice house. :)
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Thanks, I guess :3
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Such great shading in so few pixels and colors!
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Beautiful choice of color and shading. I would love to see a game with these graphics sometimes. The building style somehow reminds of of the game "Chains of Satinav" although this is pixelart of course.
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Thanks! Haven't played it. Maybe I'll google it :)
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like it very much, hope there will be coming more like this!
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:D There will be for sure!
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Lovely simple work!
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