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Cute little isometric fantasy house

After doing some isometric pixel-art houses I thought it would be fun to try painting a non-pixel version of some cute iso house. So I did a few sketches and chose to go for this very simple fairytale/fantasy cottage. At first it was supposed to be very small object designed like it was meant to be in some game but I worked on it a bit longer than I intended, so I abandoned the idea to make it low res. Because of that I didn't have to be careful with contrast/colours, so it would be very well visible on a smaller scale and also added a few more details that are too tiny to be seen when it's zoomed out. That's why finally I present it as a bigger picture, thinking that it would still be possible to see it as a little object on the icon :P  At first I made a very precise isometric skeleton, but later decided to crook some lines here and there to make it look a bit less square and a bit more cartooney. And making it cartooney gave me the idea to make the roof tiles look very messy.
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what app to do 3d or hand drawn??
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It's 2d, hand drawn. I use mostly Krita, sometimes aseprite (both free software).
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this is nice   Simon - Icon 
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Hi, Love the work! Can I possibly use it as a concept piece and turn it into 3D? Just for personal work and portfolio. I'll give you credit and everything when I do post the 3D version. Would be much appreciated! :) 
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Sure, I'll gladly see how it turns out. Have fun with it!
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Thanks! I've done the basic mesh already. still trynna perfect the curves and stuff haha.  
Here's the progress so far :)
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Cool, thanks for sharing!
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A very adorable house, you pixel houses are great too.
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I love it! :3 Which software did you use? 
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Thanks. I painted it in krita.
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Really cool! Love the colors and light! I want to live in a house like that :)
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Anything is possible - so they say - so you just need to find the right tree, get some wood and build it :)
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I like reading your decribtions. Many just Skipp that part, maybe because lazy or they think no one is reading them anywqy, maybe both. I really like this one, even tho no tiny cute pixel art :) I especially like your shadowing. You choose great colours. I am having a little bit of difficulty to find a satisfying shadowcolour sometimes I just use multiply :(
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Ha, so after all someone reads all this stuff :) Thanks for kind words! I too use multiply from time to time to be honest :) It's a super useful tool (in my opinion), so why the sad face? cheers!
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haha, I am glad I can be that person for you xD

Sure, multiply is useful and all but being able to get the shading nice without it is amazing (to me haha)
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I'de live there! ;)
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You're welcome anyday! :D
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