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Minecraft, Walled Mega-City
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Published: December 4, 2011
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I've decided to call the city 'Ganymede' because I had a really profound dream about that moon of Jupiter one night while I was making it. This is just over 2 weeks of progress from the inner ring with the big tree in!

Only called it a mega-city to distinguish it from the last picture I released in which I called it a city! :p

It's gone:
Village -> Town -> City -> Mega-City -> ??? (Idk what the next stage is!)

Hope you enjoy =)

[EDIT 22/3/2012]: Currently working on this again! Gonna be a 'Giga-City' ;)
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Next is hivecity, like in warhammer 40k. Only first, the whole city needs a second layer on top of what's already there.
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WolfGuardian2Hobbyist General Artist
Next step: Planet City
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DiegoGTRattyHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess Im the first one to mention AOT.
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artboy-2Hobbyist General Artist
This is enormous! I like that!
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BlackenednightsStudent Traditional Artist
this is awesome! it must have took you forever!  the walls are circular that is pretty tricky, but you pulled it off amazingly!
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IceToasterHobbyist General Artist
WOW!! its magnificent..
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taylor-youthHobbyist Traditional Artist
Seriously, my friend and I... We make temples throughout land :XD: We love making the sacrificial lava dive. It's the best. They need to be finished one day
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Yeahhh, one of my favourite things about it is putting it on large biome mode and just imagining it's me treking though miles and miles of land and seeing new beautiful things haha.
If you're anything like me I bet you'll never get round to finishing them ;)
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taylor-youthHobbyist Traditional Artist
We have a desert temple of gold, a mossy rock jungle temple, an ice temple, a diamond temple, none of them finished :P And probably never will be u_u
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Soo true, the fun is in the challenge of making anyway. The finished product is just a bonus!
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taylor-youthHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're my hero.
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<3 it's even bigger now! Twice the area nearly I think, I just a few more little bits to fill in but I'm always so busy with other creative stuff now!
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taylor-youthHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's an art!
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Definitely an outlet!
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Amazing work mate! If possible would you be able to provide a download of your work? I would love to feature this on my server. Keep up the good work!
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tylewis0228Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey can you put this up for download? It looks AWESOME!!!
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longislandsightsStudent Photographer
This reminds me of Ba Sing Se from ATLA. <33
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MinecraftPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
Hey there,

This screen shot caught my eye! I have been going around dA and editing images for people and I would love to edit this shot for you!

I am an amateur photographer and I have decided to capture Minecraft. I call it my quest to capture. I hope to capture and document the wonder, beauty, and creativity of Minecraft. (That's what I do on my dA page currently, but I have also been editing people's images because I want to bring them to life.)

I search for images with strong composition and strong subject matter, such as your image here. You have already captured this image beautifully, but I believe with a little enhancement, the image will spring to life!

Let me know what you think! If I may go ahead with the editing, once done, I will send you a dA note with a dropbox link to the photo. You can download it from there. Also contained in the note will be a quick run-down of the edits I did, and why I did them.

I do hope I can edit this for you!
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Hey dude, sure do what ever you want :)... just can you please put a link in the description wherever you upload it back to here if possible.

Have fun!
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MinecraftPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
I will upload it to Dropbox and then provide you with a link so you can download it. I do not plan to post the shots I edit for people, but if I ever do, I will make sure to ask your permission before. (I will be sending you a link to the finished shot shortly!)
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Okay, thanks buddy :)
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