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Ivory Tower
High in my ivory tower,
I stand and gaze out across the battlements,
Looking out at the clouds around us.
As I help to build upon the walls of reason,
I cannot help but wonder
What it would be like
To play amongst the clouds.
Thinking without my mind
Seeing what it's like
Floating free
I'm fascinated by those clouds.
They defy reason
Defy logic
Defy my every instinct
And yet I wish to understand them.
How they came to be
Why they still exist
What purpose they serve
What if I could catch the clouds?
Learn about them
Talk to them
Share with them.
Shouldn't a tower of ivory and clouds be beautiful?
Wouldn't a tower of thoughts and dreams be inspiring?
Couldn't a tower of such a union reach to the stars themselves?
Wouldn't our tower shine?
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Malik reached into the grubby paper bag, a shudder running through his arm as his fingers touched the slim plastic tube within. Eyes closed, he carefully gripped the object, drew it from the bag, and opened his eyes to look upon it as it lay across his palm. It was odd, he thought, how such miraculous power could be contained in so small and simple a vessel. But then, he pondered as he reflexively flipped the slim shaft to its most comfortable angle, does the innocuous nature of the conduit not make the power that flows through it all the more... insidious? Surreptitious? He'd find a word later. Now, it was just him and his work.
It took a moment for his out-of-practise fingers to become accustomed to the way the flimsy cylinder spat its contents onto the white handmade paper, but when the fast, spidery script began making its way across the page, the words flowed forth like water from a burst dam: impeded in its quest for far too long, every drop, every atom of the fluid yearning and
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He'd never been able to get the hang of talking to women. They just always seemed so different. Why would they want to talk to a lowly programmer like him? When he was younger, more naïve, he'd entertained the silly idea that one day he'd find someone who he could fall in love with. Someone who'd appreciate his interests, someone who who he could really talk with about the world - about life, about the future, about anything. But he'd long since dismissed those ideas as unrealistic. Just childish daydreams of a foolish young man. He'd gradually realised that he didn't need a woman in his life. Even when all his old friends had gone off and got themselves husbands, wives and then children, he'd been quite happy to stand stand by and watch. Sure, it might be nice to have someone you could truly share your life with, but he was fine as he was. Just him and his craft, and nothing to interfere.
His craft, as he was wont to call it, was that of the technologic arts. He was hired by scie
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Eminently Human
As you sit there in the concert hall, enraptured by the sheer, unbridled beauty emanating from the stage before you, you wonder: How is it that a race that prides itself on its logic; its rationality; it's science, is still able to create something that is so much for creativity's sake. Something that, from a point of view that considered not the emotions and the feelings but the numbers and the figures, is so completely devoid of purpose, and yet, to any human being, holds infinitely more worth and value than a thousand scientific breakthroughs or economic booms. Something so true, so pure, so eminently human.
As you ensconce yourself in the chair, riveted by the absolute, unrivalled beauty being conferred by the book in your hands, you wonder: How is it that a race so burdened by thoughts of death; of blood; of war, is still able to create such things that all thoughts macabre and wretched are cast from your mind, and you are able to revel in the simple splendour of created worlds -
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Jim, Revolutionary Pixel
There was a little pixel
His name was Jim
He sat in a picture
All square and prim
He did his job
He sat all day
He held his brothers
While the Artist slaved away
The Artist was a god to Jim
He had been made at his will
Knowing he was part of a great creation
Carefully crafted with love and skill
Jim was loyal
Jim was brave
But then he realised
He was the Artist's slave!
He had stood there
Through day, through night
Not moving at all
Just enduring this plight
What if he didn't want to stand
Between the other pixels, hand in hand?
What if he wanted to roam and be free
Across the Great Screen, proud and grand?
And as he thought of all these things
And how nice it would be, to travel on a whim
The Artist sensed his wily thoughts
He hit the eraser, and clicked on Jim
And that was what became of him.
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Splinter - Vol. I: Keph
I never thought it would come to this, just hiding under the world, my many thoughts concentrated into holding the seal that binds the half of this Soulless One, this Leviathan, this Herald of Magnora. Illith, they call her. Her thoughts are scattered, primitive, carnal, but she knows how to struggle. She repeatedly attempts to reach out with tendrils of thought, but they are easily beaten back.
It seems we've both settled in to our current situation, endlessly struggling underneath the maze of tunnels below the First World. So many wars, lives and thoughts roam around above us. After a time, the number of Star Gods diminishes slowly, even my old friend Dracnoris fading from existence. As the Gods are depleted, many smaller beings slowly make their way around the world, exploring, learning, discovering. The Gods must have made use of the ancient magics, lore of old, methods forgotten. They have taken their essence, and split it into many. However, the Heralds still taint the world, the
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The Ascendancy
Grasping Staff, medallion shining,
Body charred and powers binding,
Soul floats up to Avechna's Peak,
Shedding that mortal form so weak.
Divine power coursing through,
Sealing the Devourer, Almighty Kethuru,
Deep within his Astral prison.
Behold, the Ascended God has risen!
Divine Spark shines bright as ever,
Abstract form within the Aether,
Touching the Void, yet still on Prime,
All Planes feel his power sublime.
The First World shines as the Tapestry changes,
Tremors shaking the great mountain ranges,
Soll is gone and Lusternia survives,
Yet that Shard has gained the greatest prize.
His Divine Spark has formed anew,
Ayridion, the Ascendant has shone through,
His exact nature, no mortal quite knows,
But through the Basin, life once more flows.
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Orginally from…
Pointed out by HFOA.

Dear H.F.O.A.,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscopes don't match. I think I realized it when I quoted Santa outside of Chicago and I saw you sit on Bill Clinton. I'm sure you're scarred enough to understand that Santa doesn't exist. I'm returning your ring to you, but I'll keep your neighbour, Martin, as a memory. You should also know that I feel sick when I think of eggplant-fetishism.

Your everlasting enemy,
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