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Pokemon ash Tg
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By Rezuban   |   Watch
Published: February 16, 2009
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This pic took me about 50 minutes, and i like the way it turned out pretty much.

i'm really not a fan of pokemon, i watched the first season and then realized the series will always be the same old formula, and so i stopped watching it.

but i believe Ash is one charcter not to be overlooked when doing a tg, my original idea was to draw ashley, but i think this is fine too.

hope you all like it.
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Arrowtodaknee03's avatar
Looks like hes having a seizure XDDD
battybuddy's avatar
still trying to get myself to draw a TG transformation, but I like that this is sort of in the middle of things.
kacript's avatar
What does tg stand for?
xgames555's avatar
gender tansofrmation/transgender 
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PoyzundHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol. Looks like she has cramps, poor thing.
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Ash:I entertain these people all the time and they keep doing doing this to me?

Batman:batman:I am here to help-

Ash:To turn me back into a guy?!

Batman:batman: No,if you'd listen for once I was going to say,i'm going to help myself by getting some.


Batman:batman: You know?Bow chika wow wow (sorry if I got that wrong)

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marieeeveeHobbyist Artist
i think you're icon is very sexuel. please change it.
Grabbergirl11's avatar
Grabbergirl11Hobbyist General Artist
He's either nervous or has to pee.
luigiandmarioisawsom's avatar
luigiandmarioisawsomHobbyist Artist
ash already looks like a girl
Ranmano1fan's avatar
Ranmano1fanHobbyist Writer
I would love to see more of this :D
NekoLLX's avatar
NekoLLXStudent Filmographer
one thing i always hated about Pokemon is ASH has the be the greatest trainer in the world but they hardly ever touch on it.
Serious he's collected liek what 16 badges? but when he enters a new area that means nothing?

"You have a Stone badge? Sorry you need a SLATE bade to be considered important here"
lucario515's avatar
lucario515 Writer
ya plus HIS voice is always played by a girl. to me i think he might be gay XD great pic tho.
NekoLLX's avatar
NekoLLXStudent Filmographer
he's like 14 right? All pre-pubecenst boys are done by girls, Bart Simpson is
pokemaniac1997's avatar
and naruto in english version too
NekoLLX's avatar
NekoLLXStudent Filmographer
Prably the japanese verse as well, pre pubescent boys have higher pitched voices so generally women voice them. Interestingly in Super Sentai the Yellow and Pink (girl rangers) often have MALE suit actors

Kinda explains the skirts doesn't it?
garciarael's avatar
So is Ben Tennyson
NekoLLX's avatar
NekoLLXStudent Filmographer
Yeah Tara Strong is Clasic!Ben
lucario515's avatar
lucario515 Writer
um no not in the newer ones. he is my age aka 17-18. in season 9-10 (the newest so far) look at who HE is played by

NekoLLX's avatar
NekoLLXStudent Filmographer
well that's grandfathering, it would be a bit jarring for the voice to change to much and since he started at a 12 year old, which are done by girls because kids sounds like girls, again Bart Simpson....
lucario515's avatar
lucario515 Writer
ya i know. still.............
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