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Deku Ochako

A very old drawing i did and couldn't upload before.
deku in ochako's Body (just his head ??)
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Noicest person in the world
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This is great! You should do head swaps more often 
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Oh, now this is excellent!!! I love this picture and love that you're back. 
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Woah this looks so awesome <3
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You know what this reminds me of? Those communication stones used in Stargate Universe where people's minds can be switched and they show this happening by having the people wear each other's clothes.
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There will be more :mwahaha:
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Is this the start of something like what you've done with Ash?
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Yeah, I have many deku and other BNHA characters done and others in progress, so there will be a lot :D
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You have blessed us on this day.
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HAha, Thanks :hug:
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Amazing as Usual!
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Glad you like it :D
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Deku has no gravity or All for one in that body?
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well, she looks better XD
Looks great! Ochako is hot, and I love how you mix Ash/Deku/etc with all the lovely ladies haha.
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Thanks so much, glad you like these pics, there'll be more to come :D
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