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Ash Vs Gary Tg Comic Comission page 1

A commission for :iconfreedominator: 
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Wait a second you drew this?!?! I saw it on YouTube on a tg channel
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yup, I did, some people compile other tg artist's drawings and put them on youtube, now i don't recall giving permission to anyone for this particular drawing to be shared on youtube, but honestly it doesn't matter that much to me XD.
Pikachu looks like he has seen some crud in the 4th scene.
artman215's avatar
ditto...... turned into the dress....... hmmmmm......o-k.
Romeo-Romeo's avatar
I bet he likes it
TG-Dirtbag's avatar
ashes face when he said what kind of battle is this lol
I did not know that Ditto can do that.
luvinanime25's avatar
Now that is one very rare Ditto. 
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It's a battle of fashion.... or gary is in to drag.
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So, Ditto for the dress, a psychic Pokemon like Kadabra/Alakazam/Hypno for the mental changes, and... Huh, which Pokemon would do the physical changes?
limaneko's avatar
Nya, Gengar, maybe? X3
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I feel like Pikachu and Ditto are just having some kind of psychedelic moment in that 4th panel.
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Oh, Gary's been checking out this part of the internet.
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Buahaha, this looks like it's going to be fun.
HoleInTheHeart's avatar
I think I've seen this before ;P Poor Ash can never catch a break XD 
freedominator's avatar
ya i contracted u both to do the same artwork at the same time and he took a lot more time to do it, but it looks better

I like yours Better why don’t you have it on your page any more

HoleInTheHeart's avatar
I was only kidding ;P I really like Rezuban's work, so it's cool to see someone else's take on it :) 

Are you going to end it the same way or will it be different? 
freedominator's avatar
ends the same way, lol i was worried about u 2 getting mad at eachother or me lollololol
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