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bust commision for *Viseniya

I hope you like it :)
the lighting was fun :)

©Rezwana Khan
Sarah © Amber


Here is a WIP: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 RezShirmeen
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Beautiful piece!
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This is one of my all time favorites on DeviantArt. I keep coming back to it to draw inspiration from it. Love it so much! :)
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hehe thank you! I can never seem to get back to this standard haha
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Yeah I know that feeling. But maybe you will look back on your recent work later on and think exactly the same :) 

Looking at your art I find it as gorgeous still, perhaps not as detailed but definitely great still :) 
RezShirmeen's avatar
thank you :)
the previous work was from when i finished uni and wasnt working, 
now im working, and having a baby! haha time is so thin, but i really should draw more, 
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Hey, I know the feeling.... Two kids later and there is hardly ANY time left! Wish you the best with your baby! :) 
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I love this book
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thank you, but it isnt a book?
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oh,The girl on the cover just reminds me her than. My bad. Still love it though.
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AAHH!So beautiful!!!!I love the style in this!
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So beautiful, love her hair!
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This is beautiful! I love it!
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this is pure beauty, love it!
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