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So here is a guide to how I blend my work
I am also providing the brush for 200 pionts :) or you can rip it off the image, if you know how to.

Please buy it :D

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© 2013 - 2021 RezShirmeen
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Man, this brush is good, thank you, my dude.
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Does this work for Paint tool sai? o:
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Eh i think i bought it once but after cleaning up my pc i lost all my brushes :l and more again i cant buy it
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email me
I really would love this brush. But im broke T_T I dont know how to "rip" the image even if I did I wouldnt want to do it. 
Thats okay though, ill buy it this upcoming friday <3 
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How do you purchase the brush ?
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Is there a link or is it like an exchange ?
This brush is very useful for blending, I'll add it to my favorite brushes set! Thank you~
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I bought this brush last night, it's perfect. Thank you very much. :love: 
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I bought the brush, it's so nice to work with it! Now it's one of my favorites! :) Thanks a lot for the tutorial and the tool!
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you are welcome :)
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Thanks for the post. :)
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I used it in my last piece and it worked so well! Thank you so much for providing it! 
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Just need 100 more points from somewhere XD
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