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A small little line planner that allows an individual to list as many upcoming events as they want. The Planner will pick the up and coming events and display at most nine in a clean and simple box. Easy editing and addition of events via a text file linked from the title.

Skin Information: [link]

Version 1.1 released March 25, 2011. Now features user-defined styles for events, along with a small message when no events are displayed.

Version 1.2 released June 12, 2011. Includes ability to configure custom colors, font sizes, title, and "no events" wording.

Version 2.0 released January 10, 2012. Includes easier to use, in-skin ability to add and remove events, and styles.

Version 2.1 released July 29, 2012. Includes bug fixes for Rainmeter 2.3.

Important Reminder! Copy and back up your Calendar.txt file (your event list) before updating.
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Do the little boxes displaying the days have the wrong letters for anybody else? Thursday is R and Saturday is A for me :/