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Line Planner

A small little line planner that allows an individual to list as many upcoming events as they want. The Planner will pick the up and coming events and display at most nine in a clean and simple box. Easy editing and addition of events via a text file linked from the title.

Skin Information: [link]

Version 1.1 released March 25, 2011. Now features user-defined styles for events, along with a small message when no events are displayed.

Version 1.2 released June 12, 2011. Includes ability to configure custom colors, font sizes, title, and "no events" wording.

Version 2.0 released January 10, 2012. Includes easier to use, in-skin ability to add and remove events, and styles.

Version 2.1 released July 29, 2012. Includes bug fixes for Rainmeter 2.3.

Important Reminder! Copy and back up your Calendar.txt file (your event list) before updating.
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Do the little boxes displaying the days have the wrong letters for anybody else? Thursday is R and Saturday is A for me :/
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When I downloaded I thought it was a lot simpler and I could use it to add parts of the code to one of my skins. But OMG this is so perfect. JDJDBGJBDGKJDKJGHG.
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I love the style of your skin, was hoping to merge it with another skin that gets events from my google calendar and displays them as plain text. So instead of reading the information from a txt file, use the online info. I'm trying to work out the kinks, just not super familiar with the .lua scripting. Thanks again for making this, as I said, it looks great!
Looking around the Rainmeter forum, I remember seeing a couple very nice implementations of Google Calendar into skins. I'd love to see whatever you can come up with; and if you need any assistance trying to work with the Line Planner skin, I'll see if I can offer anything useful.
I wonder if it is perhaps because of the .3 update that I can't see my upcoming events anymore? Nonetheless, this has to be the neatest skin I've come across. Small, cute, functional. Totally awesome and keeps my schedule in check. Wondering if there's a solution to my problem? I suck at rainmeter codes and stuff
Shoot; thank you very much for the heads up. Looks as if Line Planner was still running on some long past deprecated code. The updated code should be released quite soon, and apologies that it took a few days to correct this.
this is perhaps the best rainmeter skin on my laptop. dunno how i do without it anymore :D
Line Planner 2.0 released! Major changes, including an in-skin ability to add and remove events, and similar abilities to add and remove custom styles. Updated color and font size editor to be simpler to understand and use.

I'm Quite new to rainmeter, And whenever I seem to have an issue with clicking on the calender icon being able to add or edit events. also i cant enter now colors or font sizes.......I don't know why this is, but if there is a way to fix it that would be awesome.
btw i really like the skin either way haha it has some really cool potential in my eyes!!!

thank you!!!!
Sorry for not having responded to this earlier. With the newest version of Rainmeter able to execute scripts just once, I've been thinking of re-hauling the whole Line Planner system to be super simple and easy to use. If and when I should get what I want, I'll reply back; it should remedy all of the problems you have.
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Thanks, man. This is awesome. :)
Thanks for the update! This is a permanent part of my desktop.
Line Planner 1.2 released! Includes ability to configure custom colors, font sizes, title, and "no events" wording.
Line Planner 1.1 released! Now with the ability to color and style one's events. Check out the forum topic, "Skin Information" in the top post, to find out how to use this feature.
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This is Awesome!
Thank you very much!
It's practically criminal that no one has commented on this yet! I love this skin, enough to replace my Rainlendar todo list with it.

I don't know Lua (yet), but I see from the .ini file that different styles can be set for events. Are you planning to update and include those kinds of things in the actual editing of the skin? At the moment, I guess you'd have to manually set the style for each item you add through the .ini file.

As an example of what I had in mind, check out [link] - similar codes come come after the # character and determine the styles to use.

And if you don't plan on working on that, I may just do it myself, lol.
Thank you very much for the kind words, and I am super happy you enjoy the skin and find use from it.

I did indeed have plans to incorporate a few extra features to add a little spice and variation to one's event list, but felt that for a first release a clean and stable skin would be best. Also the more features I thought up, the more complex the skin seemed to become; and I had a desire to release the skin as quickly as I could to see how it would do.

Nonetheless, and few features I have come up with are things such as "event criticality," wherein one could either prioritize their events or mark off certain events as "critical," giving them a nice red color. Naturally from that spawned the idea of previewing critical events, or having them sticky in a spot, or even having them remain until actually clicked off ... As I said previously, the ideas have started to be come quite complex.

I also lately had the idea of being able to page through events, so one could look forward past the nine line maximum that the skin currently has. And finally for this list, the expansion of the planner into actual times or recurring events, moving from more of an event planner to a day planner.

I don't doubt there are hundreds of potential additions and variations possible; and looking over the features of Rainlendar and Todo.txt, I see the possibilities really are quite endless.

In short, I certainly do plan to keep working on this gadget, adding on what it can handle and I can pull off in the code, and maybe taking a few steps beyond that.

But if you have ideas and can add features, certainly feel free to edit and play with the file however you want. I'd love to see what other variations and tricks others can come up with. I can't think of anything more awesome than seeing this small snippet of code turn into something truly amazing.
I'm afraid of stepping on any toes, though - Rainlendar is written in Lua, isn't it? Even if it's not "wrong" to get too close to its functionality, it might be kind of rude.

My first thought was to add a check for time after the date, and display that below the box for the date. Then I was going to look at something for priority or tagging to change the color of events.

Maybe when finals are done I'll start looking at messing with it - for now I'll just wait for official updates :)
Sorry if it came across as such, but I more or less meant that by looking at what Rainlendar offers, one can note there is much in the way of potential for any event planning software. I had never seen an event planner such as it before (which partially led to this Rainmeter script), but I personally don't have a desire to try and make Line Planner like it. More or less I'd like to see Line Planner remain simple and easy to use and work with.

Those both sound like they would be great additions to the Line Planner script, and as I said previously I'd love to see what you'd have in mind and what anyone can add on to the script. The color thing is one I was hoping to try and add, though one would first have to figure out the most efficient way to handle it under Rainmeter.

Regardless feel free to work on it and add whatever you can come up with when available. Official updates may be rather slow, but should eventually be turned out every so often; at least I'd really hope to keep Line Planner semi-fresh with new innovations.
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