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Roland Cloud JV-80 And JV-880 VST's Concept (2019)

  • Salam Dari Untuk Orang From Di Indonesia Presents Mempersembahkan Segera Tanggal Besok December 2019 Oleh : Roland VS LLC Gone Developer Officials {New} Coming Soon! deviantART 
  1. Roland Cloud JV-80 "VST"+fav
Roland Cloud's S-5xx S-55xx S-7xx JD & JV Fantom Indonesian! NEW
SR-JV80 Series Expansion Boards Exclusive All Sounds Included Extras Bonus Plus!+ & Never Be Poor Don't a Saddest Again Happy Enjoy My Favorites Collection's Love` :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) Nod 
  1. SR-JV80-01: Pop
  2. SR-JV80-02: Orchestral
  3. SR-JV80-03: Piano
  4. SR-JV80-04: Vintage Synth
  5. SR-JV80-05: World
  6. SR-JV80-06: Dance*
  7. SR-JV80-07: Super Sound Set
  8. SR-JV80-08: Keyboards of the 60s & 70s
  9. SR-JV80-09: Session
  10. SR-JV80-10: Bass and Drums
  11. SR-JV80-11: Techno
  12. SR-JV80-12: Hip-Hop
  13. SR-JV80-13: Vocal
  14. SR-JV80-14: Asia
  15. SR-JV80-15: Special FX
  16. SR-JV80-16: Orchestral II
  17. SR-JV80-17: Country
  18. SR-JV80-18: Latin World
  19. SR-JV80-19: House
  20. SR-JV80-97: Experience III
  21. SR-JV80-98: Experience II
  22. SR-JV80-99: Experience
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