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the Gollem colored

By Reza-ilyasa
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Wonderful work this things name 'gollem' or is its designation 'golem,' a magically animated construct. Having Asbergers syndrome means I am a little nit-picky about things like spelling.
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Clearly, he's going to fight the Iron Giant. Love it!
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eheheheh i really wanna through cheese at him...
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kinda reminds me of dormin, with the eyes
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Wonderful detail work! The glowing eyes are really incredible, the perspective is wonderful really adds to the creepy factor of this piece, wonderful lighting too!
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ur awesome.
nuff said
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Love it! Absolutely adore the colours! Makes it look so eerie... :heart:
TlsofAvarum's avatar
its creepy, imposing and frightening. I love it
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Favorgasm :O

keep doing this amazing work :D
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Wonderful work!:)
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Great image, love the details and colours =)
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nice work, especially I like details.
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looks really cool
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omg thats so awesome
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Awesome creation.
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The lighting, angle, details, & shading on this surpass amazing. It's like looking at a photograph not an actual colored piece (no offense). Dazzling effects & creature.
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this is pretty cool kinda looks like it can be in that Tim Burton movie "9"
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