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sketchss wip

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Where's the finished product?
lxlx-lx-xlxl's avatar
ZipDraw's avatar
What brushes do you use?
sauravs911's avatar
Terribly awesome you mean !
Twin-Blade12's avatar
O...M...G. awesome.
johny344's avatar
I love it the way it is. I don't think it needs any more work. Great style.
DeMontez's avatar
humility is the first sign of genius. I salute you maaan
kw3k's avatar
wah...pingin liat versi finished nya nih :)
puputd's avatar
anjierr idenya top abies! keren sob!
malya's avatar
yang pasti: I'm terribly envious...
Arioanindito's avatar
Terrible my asS!! karya koyok ngono kog yo dikatain terrible..

*translate: pantatku buruk!! u can't call this artwork terrible..
Zazukudap's avatar
nice sketch..finishingnya tentu lagi hebat bukan?
ARTBoY-M's avatar
is it digimon?
ore not hehehehe
but it is cool
anthonybaiz's avatar
Terrible? that's to modest. Just like this is to awsome
dio-03's avatar
freakin awesome.
noviant's avatar
dasyat sketch lu il..:D
DioMahesa's avatar
terrible? ngga ah.

gw suka banget gaya sketch anda! :)
philby's avatar
I think that's pretty awesome actually. It's giving me ideas, but I'd be afraid to just rip off your sketch :P
wapamup's avatar
it`s a great sketch!
Raltair's avatar
ini mah mantap abizzz :XD:
JavierReyes's avatar
do you use painter or ps? or something else?

btw those sketches rock!
emersontung's avatar
cool man! I love love the monster!
kalong's avatar
WIP work in progress sob...keren ni..hahaha dah bosen kali lu ya dkasi komen keren mulu
IwanNazif's avatar
WIP itu singkatan apa ya?
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