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robot lawan kucing

By Reza-ilyasa
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This is still one of my alltime favorites and I wish I had a print on my wall

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robot gaduh dgn kucing?? hahha
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Would you like to work on a small project with me ? where I can write you with the details ?
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Robot wins, Cats would get injured just by it moving. They might even get stuck in the mechanism. Won't be pretty...
Fidmaster's avatar
cats win, your arguments are now invalid
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You have quite the imagination.  Love your mechs, love your art, love how they look like paintings, can't believe they are have the gift.  Checked out your gallery, you should do more women...they are beautifully done.
Reza-ilyasa's avatar
women, eh, my wife wouldnt agree
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the kitten war of  2052 so.....bloody......and furry 
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Define "life".... Still great work though.
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This should be a movie.
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Strength's avatar
Fantastic! : D
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komandan kucingnya keren huaahahahah :D :+fav:
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Great! The robot will become a heap of parts in seconds.
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Nice composition.
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Hello again :). I giggled like a little school girl when I saw this after going through the pile of work of yours that's been collecting in my inbox

You've been really busy! Take care.
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Can i use this as my cover photo on FB? I'll make sure to credit you, if you let me that is. Very nice work by the way, that general cat knows what he's doing. lolz
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Great image.

Epic Battle lol.
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jajajajjajajajajaajaj!!!! Awesome! Nice concept.
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Awesome overload!
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This brings me happiness :D
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