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This is sooo creeepy.... I love it!!!!!!!!!
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da Zerg hivemind got raped in the face
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what is this thing?
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luarbiasa !
:D :D :D :D
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what a strange figure we got here...

the place look all sticky!
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ewwwwwwwwww AWESOME!
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This looks great!
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looks like a sphincter :]
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It looks like it will smell bad! lol

Great work :)
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kemampuan di karya lo kontras banget ma nickname...six thumbs up!!!(minjem jempol temen)
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Eeeewwwww, nasty! lol

No seriously, nice work.
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keren kali kk
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love this one, man i wish i could do scenes and backgrounds this good,top notch!
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Epic red sphyncter - yummy!!!!
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the first thing that came to my mind what i saw this was the creature in the dead tree stump in the movie Flash Gordon from 1980, during the scene where they test courage or something and the birdmen test Flash by sticking their hands into random areas of the giant tree stump, but sitting inside is this deadly creature, very similar to what is above.. that if you reach in close enough to it, the tentacles and teeth grab onto you and poison you..

i think i might have nightmares tonight.. as this is very AWESOME and scary!!

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