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best in 10 - color 10 , art concept 10, = everything 10
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Great,i can feel the texture, but i suppose to add light
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Nothing to say... *drools in awe*
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sick, sick detail
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pake PS doang?? waw kayak renderan CG....
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Now that is Incredible!
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wolverine and the x-men?
DeviantsAdvantage's avatar
Reminds me of the Pokemon Skarmory
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Really i like it more than Transformers. Years ago there had a serie in wich the characters were bots with a animal shape. I can´t remember the name, only that i liked it so much. By the way, i love the design and the steel feeling.
Anastas2002's avatar
Zoids is the only thing I can think of.
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I´ve been looking for and i know the name; "Beast Wars Transformers". It´s a animated series. If anyone are interested.
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yeah, amazing shading and ....especially ligh parts....
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I know what I want for christmas.
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Reminds me of transformers :clap:
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