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Lol, Steampunk Sephiroth XD
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It kinda looks like some cyborg version of Sephiroth from FFVII :D
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ini mah bukan biasa tp luar biasaaa..
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gilaaaa ...
coretan lu manteb nian bro ... =O
awesome =)
tanglong's avatar
wah, luar biasa~
CintiaGonzalvez's avatar
It reminds me of blame, the most glorious manga I've ever read :heart:
parmaali's avatar
SEDAP! di selesaikan atuh bang, sayang....:)
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Bang, konsepnya ane suka! :thumbsup:
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yang begini dibilang coretan...
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OooooooooOOOOOooooo different from your usual |'3 i like it.. greyscale digi-paints are fuuun as,... i haven't seriously gotten into making sumthing finished ever, but this iz kule as ^^-; nice jorb~
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I'd love to see this more refined!

Oh god.. if I could see more detail I'd love to build this in 3D! :D

If you do- let me know! :)
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keren punya man !
huzza-tbg's avatar
demm cool!! XD XD
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hellroth = hellboy sephiroth :giggle:
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wah gika kauuuuuuuuu itu corat-coret??kacau dah...
JUANCAQUE's avatar
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Brow, fakkin' A*.

Luv the stylized disproportion on this cat. Wicked look/design. SALUTE COOLAGE:salute:
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I wanna see it finish
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sepiroth kawin silang ama hellboy il??
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