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January 29, 2010
and outcome the wolf by *ahbiasaaja
The suggester says: Love it! - I love it, too!
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and outcome the wolf

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I love the sense of how big this mecha is by added the person and guardrails for scale. The fact that it's shown that we're only seeing this thing from a distance implies that it's even bigger. Plus, I adore the design of its fingers.
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the way you expressed the scale of this bot is amazing.
The Tamiya markings are a nice touch.
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my...god....its aliiiive!
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must be Indonesian Jaeger from Pacific Rim
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OMG agreed!
i just wanna say that :rofl:
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And the name should be " Batara Suro"
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hahah OMG yeah ;D
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And this looks like mark 1 (no offense ). Which means we are among the first countries to construct Jaegers
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Words cannot describe the awesome <3
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I like how you threw a guy in there for proportion. It woks, this thing is really imposing.
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I wish I could see your work animated...would make an awesome show!
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Teach me your ways! <3 D:
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Absolutely amazing! Love it. I have recently just got myself a tablet and have started learning digital art - especially wanting to do great concept art like this. It would be an amazing skill to learn and nurture (for fun and for my film's/ potential job). How long did it take for you to get this good and amazing with digital art? Also, any tips for a beginner?

Again, Thanks, sorry about the wall of text, amazing work!!
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it's amazing
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That is one big mech... o.O
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TIMBERWOLF!!! this is bad ass!! is amazing how you drew its outer body! keep up the good work!!
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This is really cool !
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