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Freaking nice concept !
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Fantastic designs!
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Mortal Engines, anyone? Looks totally amazing!
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Friggin' sick!
johnthefox97-2's avatar
dude this makes me cry because it looks so cool
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The picture needs to be bigger.
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what does it feel like to live in there? must be awesome :D
orangehexagon's avatar
that is ILL! i wanna get a cybernetic mobile leg base for my house now. sigh. love the panelization and details.
Oblivexx's avatar
Onimusha 5...
Scary and Mesmerizing all at the same time.
rajasegar's avatar
Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
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Thanks Reza you're the best.
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I think I've asked this before, but why are so many of your uploads low resolution? They are too awesome to be small images. I want to sport them on my desktop background. You could at least upload the hi res versions as Prints only so you can sell them. Your art is definitely worth it.
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Hell, I'd gladly live in that place.
warnersilva's avatar
Awesome unexpected mech!
palalapunch's avatar
Nice u make these robots? And if u do I'm gonna watch u! Really!
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