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Make the sword rainbow and it will be a gaming RAM.

The detail puts most mecha artist from Japan to shame.
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As a person with a very specific tastes I'm having a really hard times finding mechas I really like. But this one is a gem. Amazing work, thank you. I dig gundam too, but htey were always quite expensive for me to afford buying some tehe
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Who let the rams out this time? Ahb did you?
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Howw boy! You've left me speechless...
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buwih~!! keren om~!!
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Simply amazing coloring
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Doesn't look having too much from a gundam from my point of view, if only the wings on the back remind me of Strike Freedom from SEED )) otherwise it looks unique, awesome one )
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Nice Work !!!! :love:
he's so cool!!
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Excellent work man !!!

I like your mecha designs a lot

Thanks for sharing !!!
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Excellent work. The colors are just Amazing!
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Man your designs are awesome, they don't look too Gundam to me, they look more like a fusion btween transformers and armored core "nexts". But they look better than both, I give you major props, mecha and tech designs I think are among the hardest to do in my opinion and you do them at a stellar level. Respect man, respect!
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nice mecha design!! crazy design and shading.=)
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ini bukan biasa biasa saja..ini luar biasa! woshh! hebat!
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