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Would you like to work on a small project with me ? You would benefit from it.  If interested where I can write you with the details ?
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I've browsed ALL of your work with my mouth open...Amazingly creative and powerful!
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Sweeeeeeet! Reminds me of the assassin bots from Samurai Jack!
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Inner peace is without form, but it tneds to be a 5mm minigun.
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based on a traditional Japanese monk, right?
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This is one monk you don't come to for spiritual advice or when having demonic problems :))
looks like it turn into a cartoonshow
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super cool!!!i like it....very distinct idea...
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Wicked cool design and styley!
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awesome concept
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love pose and feel of this
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lets be honest those hand poses are from darkstakers
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monk with minigun!:D
damn and this is why monks are to be feared
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yep, thats it
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A cool combination of the traditional and modern, especially with Japanese culture is so well integrated in that respect at the moment.
the suggested lighting source really sets this off. Amazing.
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at
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Aught to be a character in Samurai Jack.
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