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Glazier Force One

By Reza-ilyasa
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© 2010 - 2021 Reza-ilyasa
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the teal glow seems to give it some sort of nuclear-powered feel. also like the cut away view of the weapon, which reveals internal details that the viewer would miss.
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Stay frosty! :D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing work! :clap:
nad2005's avatar
YOu have some real great talent with these robots. I honestly would like to see them in an anime or a serious cartoon. Great job!
Rion-The-Fox's avatar
You've got a real talent - a special talent. Something god-like.
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Woobak's avatar
Pure awesomeness!
JasonCanty's avatar
this is $15? WOW
EugineNisperos's avatar
i love this one.. among all of your work.. its great.
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$15 for that?! You are way under valuing your artwork my friend!

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Ngeblok warnan dasar tiap elemen besinya diawali dengan pen tool? Warna2 TRON-nya cocok banget buat robot neh ... Jenius Gan :thumbsup:
sil3ntm08i0us's avatar
only 15$?
you serious!?!?!?!?
onderkeparad's avatar
karya2 mas ahbiasasaja memang nggak ada yang biasa... :worship:
nosredna1313's avatar
Wow... 15 bucks isn't much incentive... props on finishing it! Freakin' awesome.
JESR's avatar
woow great artwork, i like it the glow effect.
munkhkhuder's avatar
good-looking robot
Jumei's avatar
15 dollar? Seriously you should ask around 200 dollar for work like this. Artists have to pay rent too!
AlfaXT's avatar
wooahh, this is awesome
artupida's avatar
buset.. kerjaan taun lalu gan...???????? kwkwkkw you emang selalu mengerikan dalam membuat sebuah gambar mekanikal yang kereeeeeeeeeeennnnn

inspiratif gan.. sumpah.. :)
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