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Chronicles of the Void 'Boss'

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The technique here is used so well... Love the atmospheric effects and detail distribution.
skonenblades's avatar
Amazing design. Love the asymmetry.
CreeppingDeath's avatar
He looks like Bumblbee on steroids )))) Awesome drawing dude
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Amazing, just a great piece, love your mechanical pictures so much ^^ !
IRRYU's avatar
Mas, ini jadi covernya 'Machine Render' ya ?
Pantes pas kemaren liat cover bukunya agak familiar hehe
Reza-ilyasa's avatar
wah, iya kalo ga salah, lupa,  imaginefx bkn y?
kl tu bule minta gw maen kasih aja si.., kederan orangnya gw
IRRYU's avatar
Bukan mas, itu semacem Artbook gitu deh kayaknya, isinya Mecha2 gitu.
Mungkin step by step, tutorial & kumpulan artwork sih

harganya 500rb an kalo ga salah haha, di gramed bagian buku impor hehe

Nah pas liat robotnya langsung inget karya2nya mas hehe.
Adamantiel's avatar
Saw this on the cover of a book once, now I know who done it!

(Glad I finally found it!)
GeneralSoundwave's avatar
now THIS is a mech!!!
Graphitedriver001's avatar
Such a massive beast!
i can feel the earth crumbles, great job
yoyobutt's avatar
Shadow of the Colossus in the future.
Sock756's avatar
10/10 Would play. And also, 10/10 comment; blew my mind.
yoyobutt's avatar
Climbing mechs and ripping out their fuel lines, hell yeah.
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Andrew-Lim's avatar
Nice, I can feel the mass.
GIRL03's avatar
Great shapes!
Zenzotron's avatar
Big fan of the caution yellow and the lumbering stride. The little bits of this-than-and the other that are falling[?] about the beast really gives it a sense of scale. 
artofsw's avatar
Awesome stuff man!
PakdeMatt's avatar
Muscular bumblebee. Awesome works man!
Reza-ilyasa's avatar
iya makasih ya mas
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