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This is so awesome! It sure would be cool to get a 3D printable file **hint-hint** haha

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I love this piece, hope I could fine more of this character.
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Fucking incredible. What program do you draw in? Looks like it was mirrored at some point. I want to do something just like this, but I'm curious as to your method? Again, incredible. 
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Two words... BAD ASS
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This would look awsome in 3d modeling. If only it was a modeling sheet someone coudl do it. 
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Awesome. I love the hood and the details going from the center to being smoother as they go out.
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Hell of a war suit
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I like how cool mysterious and dangerous this guy looks
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damn this is sooo cool!
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Hey that's awesome, i like the hood :)
it looks like the designers would have spent a lot of time putting it together!
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nice costume 
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Looks very professional, like it's a concept direclty from a AAA Game or movie :D
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Looks so amazing!
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This would be my Iron Man suit.
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